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Here’s why Staff ID Badges are the New Trend

Now more than ever, the pandemic has given rise to higher attention by stakeholders wanting to confirm that their employees are essential workers and are fit to work. Companies in Europe have provided letters for their essential staff to present to show proof of their identity. We have heard cases of letters being lost or damaged with no alternative way for employees to prove their identity at work.

East and Central Africa have been issuing essential ID badges as an alternative. This is a more effective and safer way to protect everyone in the industry. ID badges cannot be lost, forgotten or discarded, and employees can wear badges on a clip or lanyard so that they are not misplaced. Hard laminate staff cards can be cleaned and disinfected with any disinfectant.

What should I include on my staff ID badges?

Your company logo should be prominently displayed on the badge, so your employee is immediately identifiable. Both sides of the badge may be used too. Identisys provides in-house design services for companies who wish to see various mock-ups of possible staff ID badges. Your staff card should also include the employee’s name, your corporation’s name, your business address (usually at the back of the card) and some form of business contact details.

Identisys can provide you with excellent solutions during these uncertain times. We can help you create the right staff ID card for your needs and will be happy to work with you on creating customized ID badges for your essential employees!

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