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  • Do you sell ID Card Printers?
    Yes, we do. We are officially partnered with Matica who supply their printers to us.
  • After how long should I service my ID Card Printer?
    Service is recommended after a ribbon is finished and needs replacement, cleaning the rollers before replacing the ribbon. Contact us anytime for guidance on how to do this. We strongly recommend that your printers are professionally serviced every 2-3 months. We do this for you at our office by certified technicians.
  • Do you provide training on how to use an ID Card Printer?
    At Identisys we are with you at every step of the way. We provide professional training to all clients owning an ID Card Printer.
  • What are your prices for printing cards?
    Great question! The cost of printing varies depending on the type of print required (single or double sided) and colour. Please contact us for the latest pricing.
  • Can you design/create artwork for our cards?
    Yes! Our production team are fully equipped to design cards as per your requirements. We have a standard price for any artwork to be created and usually provide more details during initial consultation with you.
  • What format do I send the data required for printing onto my cards?
    Our production team requires all data to be provided in an excel sheet with the details required on the cards in an organised fashion. The more categorised your data, the quicker the printing process!
  • What image size is required for a card and what file format should I provide these in?
    We ask that the standard size of all images you send us is 1.5” x 2”, and in a .JPEG format saved separately as per the excel sheet that our production team would have talked you through upon confirmation of your order.
  • Do you sell consumables i.e. cards and printer consumables?
    Yes, we do! We believe in providing a full package to our customers. Contact us to find out what else we can provide to enhance and protect your business.
  • Will my cards come with card holders or lanyards?
    No, however we can supply them to you at an additional cost.
  • Do you provide training on how to operate CCTV cameras?
    Yes, we do. We are able to provide training to a maximum of 3 staff members of your organisation on how to operate the installed CCTV system.
  • Are you able to maintain/enhance my existing CCTV system already installed on my premises?
    If you are all about saving money, we hear you! Yes, we can maintain existing CCTV cameras.
  • I am looking for a system that offers access control/time attendance and I want to see a demo.
    We love giving demonstrations! Call or email us at (+254) 72220 7485 / to book a demo.
  • What can your access control system offer?
    Our access control software allows you to monitor in real-time (real time monitoring) and generates attendance reports which can easily be exported to an excel file. You are also put in control on your facility by being able to restrict users to restricted areas. There are additional features which we usually share during our demos.
  • Do you provide training on how to use your access control system after installation?
    Yes! Our excellent team members provide training to a maximum of 3 staff members of your organisation on how to operate the installed access control software.
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