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Importance of an ID in the Education Sector

Why have a student ID?

When students wear ID badges staff can identify students at a single glance, this is especially important for emergency personnel, who are unfamiliar with students.

When it is made a requirement to wear an ID it becomes easier to identify potentially dangerous situations and intruders.

How can Identisys help?

Identisys provides secure student and staff IDs to educational establishments.

A valid ID promotes many benefits:

  • stronger security

  • protection of personal data

  • streamlined surveillance

  • student Identification

  • staff identification

  • visitor identification

  • Improved operations

  • Improved access control of school technology

  • Boosting school sprit

Student ID cards serve a variety of purposes other than photo identification, the card can be programmed according to the requirements of the establishment, such as borrowing books from the school library, attending school events, receiving discounts at local stores, and much more.

Identisys provides durable student ID cards, our team of professionals will help you with the design concept and security detail. We can provide you a ready-to-go solution a full package, secure student ID, cardholder, and branded lanyard.

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