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The Crash of Biometrics vs the Rise of Access Control

Businesses around the world are being told to suspend contact-based biometric time and attendance systems to prevent the spread of Covid-19 after a tech worker was tested positive for the virus in a corporation.

State and local governments worldwide have issued a series of protocols, including a halt to fingerprint employee-tracking systems, possibly replaced with a card-based system or facial recognition.

The Hyderabad Police Commissionerate called together the IT heads of nearly 200 companies to provide them with Standard Operating Procedure guidance, which includes instructions on what to do if a case is detected among employees. Likewise, the Delhi government private companies and municipal corporations to stop using biometric attendance systems, according to the Economic Times.

But can facial recognition replace fingerprint identification if people are wearing masks?

Constant surveillance in the name of the pandemic presents a risk of normalizing pervasive state surveillance, digital rights experts are warning. Several experts in big data, governance, and digital rights express concern that the appropriate mechanisms for preventing emergency measures from being repurposed for political and social control are not present in some countries.

An international conference in Singapore contributed significantly to the spread of the coronavirus, and the country has implemented contact tracking, with detailed logs of people’s movements and interactions, in order to find undiagnosed cases and carry out preventative quarantine procedures. China and Russia have also implemented strict controls over personal movement.

Many corporations are now turning to alternative methods for access into their buildings for the safety of their workforce. We can provide complete packages of access control into buildings alongside effective time attendance systems. Access control minimises your staff from contact with shared building equipment compared to biometric scanning. Our software will provide you with ease by putting you in control - easily add your company logo, photographs, text and other images to a blank card or use one of our many templates.

Contact us at for further information as to how we can help you secure a more protected and risk-free business environment.

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