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A Contactless Future with Sophisticated Technology

Identisys continues to urge its clients and the general public to develop a renewed focus on security and safety moving forward.

We are hearing more and more cases from clients about attempted security breaches to their business premises since the COVID-19 virus spiked in March of this year. The main causes of technology fraud in the East African region have been found to be due to an increase in remote working alongside hackers exploiting the global focus of the pandemic to their advantage.

A focus on biometric security

Biometrics have become the norm for increased security in both homes and offices. Due to the fact that the system relies on who the user is by using their unique fingerprints or facial structure, they are far more secure than a simple password authentication. The process to hack a biometric system is time-consuming and complicated, as the hacker needs to do more work than just guessing characters or an important phrase. They need to have exact replicas of an individual’s fingerprint or face.

Can I trust biometrics to protect me?

The technology we offer at Identisys is smart. Liveness detection and 3D facial recognition have been implemented for facial recognition technology to ensure that the data is coming from a real person in that exact moment. This prevents hackers from using replicas, photos, videos or injected data from a stolen database. Our biometric systems are easy to use and cuts down on the number of passwords each user must remember, while maintaining an even higher level of security. It also reduces the time spent logging into accounts, as biometric authorization can take seconds to activate.

Our systems allow for users to stand in front of a facial scanner instead of touching potentially contaminated surfaces, and the scanner can detect who they are and what they are authorized to do. These systems can be used to unlock accounts, open secure areas and help users move about their day safely. Other fears that have come out of the pandemic from our clients can also be managed using facial recognition.

Due to the potential spread of COVID-19 through breathing or coughing, people have been told to stay a safe distance away from others and to wear masks. With facial recognition, users will not have to worry about this, as no one will be forced to touch or come in contact with the facial scanner. The technology at Identisys also takes care of people who will want to wear masks. Our modern facial recognition software uses 3D scans and depth perception to recognize the user, meaning that masks or lighting cannot obscure the face enough to incorrectly deny, or allow, access. Depth perception increases security, but it also allows people to move about safely, as people become reliant on masks to reduce the spread of the disease.

Our software and solutions already exist to implement the technology. This means that our systems can be quickly put in place, relieving people and businesses of the fears that may arise as the economy reopens. In order to increase security and safety in the wake of this virus, businesses, banks and people will need to start using technology for safety, security and peace of mind. Biometric technology is being used around the world to help governments keep citizens safe and track the spread of the virus. The next step for security and hygiene will be implementing facial authentication measures.

Contact us at Identisys to enquire about how we can best protect you.

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